“This was super helpful in bringing my ideas to life!” – From Sketch to Pattern: Design Your Own Skirts & Tops

“Meg is a fabulous instructor. I learned a great deal about pattern making. Thanks again for another wonderful BurdaStyle course! I will be back for more ūüôā ” – Pattern Making Skills for the Advanced Sewist

“I love this sew-along! Meg is thorough in her explanations on how to assemble the track rain jacket. Thanks to her expert instruction, I will be making this jacket for my family. ” – Track Jacket Sew-Along

“I love the pace of this course, fast but still keeps in all tips and important steps. Meg is such a charismatic teacher! Well done, enjoined it very much!!!” – Trench Dress Sew-Along

“This is a great course. Meg’s flawless teaching style is something you want to emulate. I am looking forward to taking another course soon! Thanks a million Meg.” –¬†BurdaStyle Certification Course

“This is a quick and easy course, thoroughly explained and presented. I can‚Äôt wait to make my very own Pea Coat!” –¬†Coat Couture Sew-Along

“Meg is such a great teacher. I have gained so much confidence in sewing. I loved it. Please please Meg do some more courses.” –¬†BurdaStyle Certification Course

“Really enjoyed this class. The videos are very well done, easy to see and follow but still moving at a reasonable pace. I really like Meg as an instructor, very knowledgeable and friendly. I am now very exciting about bringing the BurdaStyle garments into the teaching room this year.¬†Thanks! ” –¬†BurdaStyle Certification Course

“Awesome! *SEW Excited!!! I am going to review course a 2nd time just to make sure I did not miss a thing. EXCELLENT Teaching Skills. Thank You!” – Jean Jacket Sew-Along

“Meg Healy is amazing! She’s such a joy to watch and completely thorough in her instructions. Thank you for a great course. I’ll be back for more ūüôā ” – Jean Jacket Sew-Along

“Wonderful course! I learned some new techniques for sewing with knits. Meg is a great teacher with lots of tips. She is really good at pointing out potential trouble spots and helping you through them.” – Knit Maxi Dress Sew-Along

“Loved Meg’s tips, especially on how to customize the design in interesting ways (i.e. the plus size jacket sleeve and shoulder padding stitching).” – Biker Jacket Sew-Along

“Meg you are so inspiring! One of your best qualities is passing on your confidence to others. You are making me a better seamstress. Thanks for all your help!” –¬†BurdaStyle Certification Course

“Thanks Meg,¬†You are a wonderful instructor and an inspiration. I enjoyed this course immensely!”¬†–¬†BurdaStyle Certification Course

“You are such a great teacher Meg and although I’ve been sewing for many, many years I’m learning new and better ways of doing things! Thank you!” –¬†BurdaStyle Certification Course

“Fabulous class! I’ve always liked the look of the tall neckline, but I have a short neck and have problems with the fabric turning down. Not anymore . . . I’m going to make my own and get the height that’s perfect for me! Thanks a million Meg for teaching such a great and easy technique!” –¬†Pattern Making Skills for the Advanced Sewist

“I love a teachers who teach like we don’t know everything. You have a great way of covering all details.” – BurdaStyle Certification Course

“OMG! I never knew it was so easy to change a skirt sloper! Meg, you are a great instructor!! Looking forward to trying some of the techniques!” – Pattern Making Skills for the Advanced Sewist

“Dear Meg!¬†Thank you very much for your tutorial. As soon as I saw this dress in Burda Style magazine I decided to make it. But I was busy setting up my sewing blog. Now I made the dress. Your instructions are very clear, much better than in the magazine. I like very much how you explained the sewing process. So many small but necessary details!” –¬†Knit Maxi Dress Sew-Along

“Wonderful course! I learned some new techniques for sewing with knits. Meg is a great teacher with lots of tips. She is really good at pointing out potential trouble spots and helping you through them.” – Knit Maxi Dress Sew-Along

”¬†This course, as all Meg’s courses, was super awesome. So much to learn! Now I just want to be drawing and designing all the time. Thanks Meg! ” –¬†From Sketch to Pattern: Design your own Skirts and Tops

”¬†Easiest way to insert a fly front!!!! Meg is awesome:) ” –¬†Jeans¬†Demystified: Pant Fitting and¬†Construction the Easy Way

”¬†Enjoyed the course very much. Learned some new techniques, and appreciated being able to go back and reference a step to make sure all instructions were followed. ” –¬†¬†Jeans¬†Demystified: Pant Fitting and¬†Construction the Easy Way

”¬†Overall it was very informative and useful for me. I am excited about the new skills learnt through the course. Now its time to test them on on actual fabrics. Thank you so much Meg, You are a great instructor. ūüôā See you in another course! ” – Pattern Making 101¬†

”¬†I was confused about how to adjust slopers and patterns until taking this class. This has helped me to understand so much better! ”¬†– Pattern Making 101

”¬†I have been sewing for 50 years and I have learned new design techniques from this video. It was well done, well explained and easy to follow. Thank you for this course! ”¬†– Pattern Making 101

”¬†¬†Found the course useful for introducing some basic concepts and skills in pattern drafting. It has definitely peaked my interest to know more. Also thank-you for your answers in the discussion section. ”¬†– Pattern Making 101

”¬†Excellent course! Meg Healy is an excellent instructor. Very thorough. Highly recommended! ” –¬†Sew and Draft Your Own¬†Personal 7-Piece Workout Wear Collection

”¬†I have learnt so much from the course and Meg is always there to answer questions with a great disposition. Thanks for everything! ” –¬†Pattern Drafting and Designing for Stretch Fabrics

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