“Meg you are so inspiring! One of your best qualities is passing on your confidence to others. You are making me a better seamstress. Thanks for all your help!” – BurdaStyle Certification Course


“Thanks Meg, You are a wonderful instructor and an inspiration. I enjoyed this course immensely!” – BurdaStyle Certification Course


“You are such a great teacher Meg and although I’ve been sewing for many, many years I’m learning new and better ways of doing things! Thank you!” – BurdaStyle Certification Course


“Fabulous class! I’ve always liked the look of the tall neckline, but I have a short neck and have problems with the fabric turning down. Not anymore . . . I’m going to make my own and get the height that’s perfect for me! Thanks a million Meg for teaching such a great and easy technique!” – Pattern Making Skills for the Advanced Sewist


“I love a teachers who teach like we don’t know everything. You have a great way of covering all details.” – BurdaStyle Certification Course


“OMG! I never knew it was so easy to change a skirt sloper! Meg, you are a great instructor!! Looking forward to trying some of the techniques!” – Pattern Making Skills for the Advanced Sewist


“Dear Meg! Thank you very much for your tutorial. As soon as I saw this dress in Burda Style magazine I decided to make it. But I was busy setting up my sewing blog. Now I made the dress. Your instructions are very clear, much better than in the magazine. I like very much how you explained the sewing process. So many small but necessary details!” – Knit Maxi Dress Sew-Along


“Wonderful course! I learned some new techniques for sewing with knits. Meg is a great teacher with lots of tips. She is really good at pointing out potential trouble spots and helping you through them.” – Knit Maxi Dress Sew-Along


” This course, as all Meg’s courses, was super awesome. So much to learn! Now I just want to be drawing and designing all the time. Thanks Meg! ” – From Sketch to Pattern: Design your own Skirts and Tops


” Easiest way to insert a fly front!!!! Meg is awesome:) ” – Jeans Demystified: Pant Fitting and Construction the Easy Way


” Enjoyed the course very much. Learned some new techniques, and appreciated being able to go back and reference a step to make sure all instructions were followed. ” –  Jeans Demystified: Pant Fitting and Construction the Easy Way


” Overall it was very informative and useful for me. I am excited about the new skills learnt through the course. Now its time to test them on on actual fabrics. Thank you so much Meg, You are a great instructor. 🙂 See you in another course! ” – Pattern Making 101 


” I was confused about how to adjust slopers and patterns until taking this class. This has helped me to understand so much better! ” – Pattern Making 101


” I have been sewing for 50 years and I have learned new design techniques from this video. It was well done, well explained and easy to follow. Thank you for this course! ” – Pattern Making 101


”  Found the course useful for introducing some basic concepts and skills in pattern drafting. It has definitely peaked my interest to know more. Also thank-you for your answers in the discussion section. ” – Pattern Making 101


” Excellent course! Meg Healy is an excellent instructor. Very thorough. Highly recommended! ” – Sew and Draft Your Own Personal 7-Piece Workout Wear Collection


” Great course! So many good ideas and tips. I got much more out of this series than I expected. I really appreciated the level of detail shown and explained in the videos, and you did just enough off camera to keep the course moving along at a good pace. Knits have lost the fear factor and I feel like I could jump into almost any stretch garment project with confidence. Woo hoo! Many thanks! ” – Sew and Draft Your Own Personal 7-Piece Workout Wear Collection


” I have learnt so much from the course and Meg is always there to answer questions with a great disposition. Thanks for everything! ” – Pattern Drafting and Designing for Stretch Fabrics


” Loved it. Learnt so much. Thank you very much. Gave me the tools I needed to create my own designs. Better than I could imagine. Thank you. ” –  Draft and Sew Your Own Sloper Collection


” An excellent course. Learnt so much, not just from the video but also from the discussions. Thank you so much Meg for all your help. Hope to see you soon in another course. Meg’s video were very detailed and well set out. She was organised and informative. ”  –  Draft and Sew Your Own Sloper Collection


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