Zebra Printed Detail Dress

Pattern: BurdaStyle’s Detail Dress #119 08/2017

Modification: No modifications to this pattern as this was my “test sew” while developing my Dress for Success Sew-along. I used some scrap fabric, and I didn’t even finish any of the inside seams as this was my practice sew for this style – but it ended up turning into a lovely dress!

Fabric: This is black and white printed cotton sateen from King Textiles in Toronto. I had this fabric so long before I decided to use it. I was kinda “meh” about it, which is why I used it as a test garment. But the end result of the print in the dress made me love it again.

Notes: I cut and sewed a size 38 in this dress and fit my frame perfectly. To see my finished sample from the course click here.












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