Yoga Time Outfit

Patterns: BurdaStyle’s Footed Leggings #107 01/2018 & Cutout Back Shirt #106 01/2018

Modification: For the yoga pants I altered the length since I’m petite. I usually just crop off some length from the hem, but since these had stir-ups I had to take it out of the leg. Then for the top I found a double faced fabric, so the back draped piece only needed one layer instead of two to finished it off.

Fabric: Mustard version both fabrics are from King Textiles in Toronto, and the print is more like a neoprene and thick with limited stretch. Then my blue version is leftover scrap jersey from this dress and the silver band was a metallic jersey I found at Fabricland.

Notes: The blue jersey was a bit too stretchy for this pattern, and the neoprene worked out much better. I actually ended up cropped the footed section off my blue pair and now wear them around the house, as my printed mustard pair are great for yoga! This outfit was also for my first Mash Up of 2018 and you can see my sewing tutorial posts part 1, part 2 & part 3 here.









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