Stretch Green Knotted Bodysuit

Pattern: BurdaStyle’s Knotted Bodysuit #120 06/2018

Modification: Since this was a bodysuit pattern, there were built in over and underlaps for the crotch area to be snapped up. I know this is a huge convenience when wear, but the un-comfort of the snaps down there I just can’t do. So I eliminated the over and under laps and just accommodated for a simple crotch seam at the bottom.

Fabric: Found this perfectly green ribbed spandex at King Textiles in Toronto. I just love their stretch section!

Notes: I don’t think BurdaStyle has ever offered a bodysuit pattern before, so as soon as I saw it I knew I had to make it! This was also my June Mash Up project and you can see my sewing process posts here in parts one and two.






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