Mini Cape Dress

Pattern: BurdaStyle’s Flounce Dress #108B 06/2017

Modification: I only really modification I did was add elastic to the edges and omit the waist tie. For me the front crossover edges gapped a little bit and what I did to fix that was to actually stretch sew 1/8″ side elastic to the seam “cape” seam allowance. That adjustment really helped that edge contour to my body, and definitely helped to prevent an accident, haha.

Fabric: This abstract printed spring cotton is from Fabricland!

Notes: I made this dress for my June 2017 Mash Up, and you can sew along to part 1 and part 2 here. Then I also wore it to my fellow BurdaStyle coworker’s wedding, and the bartender even asked where I got my dress. Don’t you just love to say “I MADE IT!









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