Hooded Cowl Top

Pattern: BurdaStyle’s Hooded Cowl Neck Dress #120A 09/2015

Modifications: For this style I cropped the hemline to make the dress pattern into a top. I also made a style line that cut through the bodice as well as the top of the sleeve in order to sew in a mesh panel. See the modification post here.

Fabric: I used scrap stretch mesh, striped double jersey from Leo’s Textiles in Toronto and scrap grey jersey for the cowl/hood. See the sewing post here.

Notes: When I first saw this pattern I was intrigued by the combination hood and cowl. I liked it so much I wanted to get a lot of wear out of it so I made it into a top instead of the intended dress. I actually wore this top to my first Super Bowl party when I was in Colorado filming a new course for BurdaStyle Academy! My co-workers who live there brought (more like dragged, haha) me to the party and I wore this top because of the blue and orange Broncos colours. They did end up winning, so I guess this is a lucky shirt! Side note: I did enjoy the American party food much more than the game.

2015-10-07 12.59.52

2015-10-07 12.59.38

2015-10-07 13.07.42

2015-10-07 13.07.50





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