Floral Tie Top

Pattern: BurdaStyle’s Tie Top #116 05/2017

Modification: I made this top for my May issue “Meg’s Magazine Mash Up”. Instead of the rope straps I sewed fabric straps and only hammered in one grommet instead of the two for each strap. This made my straps adjustable! I also drafted sleeve bands, or as I like to call them water wings. You can see how I drafted them here, then scroll through part two  here to see how I sewed it all together.

Fabric: This fabric was found while I was shopping with a friend for fabric for a dress that she was making. I guess this bright yellow floral just spoke to me. It is a printed cotton sateen from King Textiles in Toronto.

Notes: I loved this top so much I made another one right after I finished this one and tried it on. To document it I wore with a pair of thrifted Levis from Salvation Army that I got for $5 on Boxing Day.






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