Corseted Fuchsia Jumpsuit

Pattern: BurdaStyle’s Corseted Jumpsuit #111B 05/2018

Modification: Since I’m short and this is a jumpsuit, I had to removed an inch from the waistline seam to accurate my petite size. Then for the hems to incorporate my printed fabric again I drafted some cuffs!

Fabric: The fuchsia is a stretch cotton woven from King Textiles that was leftover from the plus size dress project in my Dress for Success Sew-Along. Then the printed fabric is a silk that was brought back from Thailand as a gift from my aunt who was there. I love how the print turned out with the fuchsia and in all the corset seams.

Notes: I made this jumpsuit to attend a friend’s wedding, and it was also my May 2018 Mash Up! You can see all my sewing posts in parts one, two, and three here.











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