A large part of my job is developing, filming, and instructing online sewing and pattern making courses! Scroll to see all my current course offerings:

Behind the scenes at the studio in Golden, Colorado



Getting your certification is a fun and unique experience that combines a prospective business opportunity and the ability to enhance your love of sewing through skill building. So if you have ever thought about becoming a sewing teacher, then this is the perfect starting point!

The BurdaStyle Certification Course features many core techniques, sew-alongs and downloadable patterns, and the certification process is not only for those pursuing a teaching career, but for anyone who has a passion for sewing.

The course is all about becoming a BurdaStyle Certified Teacher and teaches the authentic “BurdaStyle Way” of constructing a garment. The course begins with the preparation core techniques that are performed before the actual sewing of a BurdaStyle garment. Register here to join me.


Already a Certified BurdaStyle Teacher? Upgrade your Certification today!

If you loved becoming a BurdaStyle Certified Teacher and want to learn more advanced BurdaStyle core techniques for your own personal sewing or to pass along to your students – then this course upgrade is for you.

This Certification upgrade specializing in blouses and dresses will teach you 10 additional advanced sewing core techniques that are key in constructing BurdaStyle advanced level patterns. Perhaps you have already taught your sewing students the initial core techniques and they want to grow as sewists – then you can pass along these advanced sewing skills along with the included 23 digital BurdaStyle patterns (11 of which are plus size) to add to your teachable pattern library! Register here to join me.

BurdaStyle Intro to Sewing Course with Meg Healy

If you already know the basics of sewing like setting up your machine, sewing simple seams, and making beginner projects, but want to take your sewing to the next level, then this course is perfect for you. Introduction to Garment Sewing – Dresses and Tops 101 focuses on key construction components often found in basic dress, top, and blouse patterns. So even if you have never made a garment before, by the end of this course you will be able to confidently sew yourself or a friend a brand new dress and top! Register here to join me.


You will learn about the sloper guidelines and use points of reference in your sketch and on your pattern to draft the most accurate and true-to-sketch pattern. You will learn how to draw and add fullness, such as gathers and pleats, into your designs, as well as add style lines that do and don’t incorporate the dart intake. You will have so much fun with the exercises and quizzes in class that test your dart manipulation knowledge and enable you to learn more effectively. Register here to join me.


By the end of this course you will be confident with pattern making and using your slopers to bring your design ideas to life. Join me for this Pattern Making 101 course filled with tons of great video content so you can easily follow along. Come learn and see the potential and endless possibilities that slopers and pattern making have to enhance your sewing experience. Register here to join me.


Jeans are something we wear almost everyday and act as a second skin to our lower half! We all know how hard it is to find jeans that fit us and are our style and the color of denim we want… so why not tackle making your own pair of jeans exactly the way you want them. Register here to join me.


Do you already know the basics of pattern making? Do you often like to tweak your pattern’s style but feel like you want to learn more? Take your patterns to the next level and learn leading pattern modifications to make your pattern your own (but fit the same). If you have a pattern that you love the fit of, but don’t want to keep sewing it the same way, this course is perfect for you! Register here to join me.


Slopers are the perfect starting point for designing and making your own sewing patterns and garments! Slopers are the basic template for the pattern making process, and they are used to establish the fit of the body. So when you have a perfectly fitting sloper to your body, you’ll have a perfectly fitting garment! The best way to develop your own set of slopers is to actually take multiple measurements from your body and draft them suited to you using two-dimensional paper and the addition of carefully calculated and placed lines. These lines will create the outer shape and darts that will make your sloper fitted exactly to you. Through this course Meg will guide you through the entire detailed process of developing a sloper library consisting of a bodice and sleeve, skirt, pants, and dress sloper. Then to top it all off in the end you’ll see how to preserve these slopers so you can use them again and again. Register here to join me.


After completion of this course you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to make even more athletic garments, since I will demonstrate how to develop these patterns on slopers meant for knit fabrics (you’ll also get PDFs of the sloper patterns). In the 6th session you be shown how easy it is to customize your slopers and make your own designs to execute, and by the last session you’ll be a pro! Register here to join me.


Have you ever thought of drafting your own set of pattern slopers? Pattern drafting can be an intimidating concept for those new to sewing. The truth is drafting your own set of pattern slopers is quite easy to do. And, not only is it easy, but you’ll open up many new creative possibilities in garment sewing. In this course I will show you step-by-step how to draft your own skirt, bodice and sleeve sloper according to your own measurements. Register here to join me.



Coats can be quite intimidating to sew yourself, but with a little help and the perfect pattern you can easily create a new couture coat for the winter in no time with this sew-along! A pea coat is a versatile style that suits many different body types, and our Pea Coat pattern from the 12/2016 issue of BurdaStyle magazine is a classic – but with a twist. It features a waistline seam that allows for a feminine A-line skirt attachment and raglan sleeves. Finished off with a collar, this classic will be your new go-to coat pattern especially since in this sew-along you’ll see how it is sewn together with the digital pattern included. Register here and join me.

BurdaStyle Retro Swimsuit Sew Along with Meg Healy

Don’t be intimidated by sewing your own swimwear, it can be so easy and doable just with a regular sewing machine – no serger required! Not sure which patterns are suitable? Or which fabrics and notions to use? In this sew-along, seasoned swimwear sewist Meg Healy will talk about and show you everything you need to know to sew up your own on-trend swimsuit just in time for summer. Register here to join me.

BurdaStyle Biker Jacket Sew Along with Meg Healy

Everybody needs a go-to jacket in their wardrobe, and an edgy biker style jacket is the perfect choice! Our Biker Jacket with Peplum pattern from the 12/2015 issue mixes rough and feminine styling with leather details and a pretty flounce, and in this sew-along you will learn how to sew one for yourself from start to finish. This pattern is complete with a metal zipper along the asymmetric opening, and at the sleeve hems. Not comfortable sewing with metal zippers? No problem! You’ll learn how to shorten one to the perfect length using household tools, and how to install the zipper in various locations on the jacket. This jacket is also fully lined – if you have never sewn a jacket lining before, by the end of this sew-along you will have the confidence to sew and install a lining in any jacket pattern! Register here to join me.

BurdaStyle Dress Sew Along with Meg Healy

Want to update your wardrobe for spring? Sew your own custom dress to wear to work, around town or attend a special occasion with this sew-along! The BurdaStyle Detail Dress from the 08/2017 issue is challenging but absolutely rewarding and instructor Meg Healy will guide you through the entire process of sewing this beautiful dress from start to finish! Register here to join me.


It seems you can’t go anywhere without seeing an embroidered denim jacket, they are so on-trend this season and guess what? You can sew one yourself! Denim jackets are the perfect layering piece for any season, and this pattern has a cropped fitted style. If you wanted an oversized fit you can simply cut and sew a larger size to your measurements. What is really making these denim jackets pop is the embroidery details, and within this sew-along we are going to go over how to set up your embroidery machine and stabilize your fabric to add this extra special touch. Register here to join me.


If you have been searching for the perfect, figure-flattering, comfortable dress pattern then look no further, because our Maxi Dress pattern from the 04/2017 issue of BurdaStyle magazine is it! This dress is sewn in a lightweight knit, making it wrinkle-free and easy to wear. The style features a halter neckline with a band that keeps everything together at the top. The bodice is built with a structured lining that controls the fullness and provides support for your bust (that means no bra!) If you feel intimidated sewing with knits, or constructing an intricate bodice then you need to register for this sew-along which includes the Digital Maxi Dress pattern # 101 from the 04/2017 BurdaStyle magazine. Register here to join me.



If you find yourself always sewing and working with patterns that are meant for woven non-stretch fabrics, and want to start experimenting with pattern making for knits than this webinar is for you. Learn the foundations of knit patterns and see how you can calculate and compare your body measurements to the pattern to ensure you get the perfect fit. Watch it here.


Love plush and silky fabrics and not sure how to sew them? Everyone loves the soft hand of faux fur, minky, satin and gauze, but they’re not always easy or intuitive to sew, but also not as difficult as you think. With these tips and tricks presented in this webinar, you’ll be able to sew them with confidence and create garments, home accessories, baby gifts and more with professional results. Follow along as Meg Healy demonstrates the patterns, tools, needles, thread and seam finishes suitable for these fabrics, plus get four free patterns to try out your new skills! Watch it here.